The Highest Order in God ~ Smith Wigglesworth (31:11) 4K

The Highest Order in God ~ Smith Wigglesworth (31:11) 4K

The Highest Order in God ~ Smith Wigglesworth (31:11) 4K

“The Highest Order in God” Given by Smith Wigglesworth (1859-1947) at Angelus Temple in Los Angeles California, in July of 1927. In this message you will hear keep insights on growing up into Christ and reaching the highest place in the Most High. Wigglesworth goes through the beginning of 2 Corinthians 6 and gives personal stories and shares life-giving keys in dealing with the things that true ministers of God will experience. He also tells stories of his interactions with the law that happened in Europe, and tells his own personal jail tales.

Smith Wigglesworth was a faith-filled man of God whose dedication to scripture and passion for bringing healing to all was unparalleled in his day—and perhaps even until now. He only read one book—the Bible—and His fierce expressions of faith in God and heart for the lost yielded amazing results for so many all over the world.

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I have updated some antiquated terminology for flow and for modern listeners worldwide. Great care has been taken to preserve the original meaning and intent of the message. This message has been released elsewhere under the title “Workers Together With God.”

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